Book launch at Fell’s Point Fun Festival

Stop the Road, Book Cover.

Book launch at Fell’s Point Fun Festival

Just in time for the annual Fells Point Fun Festival (October 1-2), Stop the Road, Stories from the Trenches of Baltimore’s Road Wars has been released and is available through Amazon, and Barnes & Noble

This is indeed timely and appropriate, because the first Fun Fest, held on October 8, 1967 (55 years ago) is where the cause of saving Fell’s Point started to hit paydirt. If you are attending, please stop by our booth, get a signed book, and make a reservation for one of our first two author talks, 4:00 PM on both Saturday and Sunday, Robert Long House garden , 812 S. Ann Street. Art Cohen, the second President of the Movement Against Destruction (MAD) will be joining me.

Not attending? You could do worse than spend your weekend reading the book that is being called “a compelling human history” (Mark Reutter, the Baltimore Brew) and “a book that is essential for understanding today’s Baltimore” (Antero Pietila, author, Not in my Neighborhood), and an “Engrossing saga of Baltimore… enlivened by in-person storytelling,” (M. J. (“Jay”) Brodie, former Baltimore Housing Commissioner).

Click here for the press release for Stop the Road!