Figure 1- Evans Paull, receiving the Baltimore Heritage award, October 19, 2023, Open Works. Johns Hopkins, Executive Director, Baltimore Heritage commented  “E. Evans Paull’s Stop the Road tells the David versus Goliath story of how a few individuals saved our waterfront and the core of our city from destruction by highway planners. Moreover, the power in his book is that he lets the Road Warriors tell their own stories of how this important chapter in Baltimore unfolded. Stop the Road is a must read for anybody who wants to understand how Baltimore looks today or wants the inspiration gained from understanding how regular citizens with steely spines can save a city.”
Johns Hopkins, Executive Director, Baltimore Heritage
Figure 2. Receiving the “Research/Scholar” award from the Baltimore City Historical Society, September 30, 2023, Clifton Mansion
Figure 3. With the First Lady, Dawn Moore, at Artscape, Oct 19, 2023
Figure 4. Cutting the ribbon to celebrate the opening of the Fell’s Point FunFest, October 7, 2023, Fell’s Point Square, with Comptroller Brook Lierman, Councilmember Zeke Cohen, and Maryland State Delegate Luke Clippinger