Did beer save Fell’s Point?

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Figure 1. Picture of one of the early Fell’s Point Fun Festivals (undated). Source: The Society for the Preservation of Federal Hill and Fells Point The inception of the Fell’s Point Fun Festival Stop the Road, Stories from the Trenches of Baltimore’s Road Wars will be released on October 1, 2022. Background. In February 1967 the Society […]

B&D to publish stop the road


From the B&D website: “We are excited to add Evans Paull to our author list! Paull is the author of Stop the Road: Stories from the Trenches of Baltimore’s Road Wars. Stop the Road will be released in fall of 2022. Stop the Road is a microcosm of a clash over values. Stop the Road is […]

Bob Eney and Fells Point, a juncture that may have saved a community

“What an astounding thing that one person’s knowledge, interest and energy could have such an impact on all of us who today call Fell’s Point home… One passionate soul really can make a difference!!”    Kathleen Haller, Fells Point resident, commenting on Bob Eney’s passing in 2016 (originally posted at Next Door Historic Fells Point)  […]

Saving Leakin Park

Saving Leakin Park 1

The advocates that successfully thwarted the City’s plan to build I-170 through Leakin Park gathered on November 11, 2021 to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the founding of Volunteers Opposing the Leakin Park Expressway (V.O.L.P.E). Those pictured are: Iris Reeves (x-Councilmember and wife of x-Councilmember Norman Reeves, one of the plaintiffs in the V.O.L.P.E. lawsuit); […]

The Highway to Nowhere, Explained but Inexplicable

Highway to Nowhere

It was a cliffhanger. The City was facing a federal deadline to get I-170 under construction before July 1, 1973, but they could not start construction until the Federal Court ruled on the lawsuit brought by the Movement Against Destruction (MAD). Bill Hellmann and David Wagner would later serve as highly respected agency directors for […]

The Pratt Street Route

Pratt Street Route

Some may wonder – the schematic plan shown on this page (with the expressway following Pratt Street and crossing the Inner Harbor piers) – who was responsible for that monstrosity? This was Planning Director Phil Darling’s 1960 plan. Here is a short excerpt from the book: “To the critics of the urban planning profession, the […]

Julian “Jack” Lapides and the Robert Long House

A Tribute to Jack Lapides

As the author of this forth-coming book on Baltimore’s Road Wars, I would like to offer a tribute to Julian “Jack” Lapides, who passed away last week. Jacques Kelly’s fine Baltimore Sun obituary was a great remembrance of one of the most highly principled elected officials of our time. Kelly mentions the road fight, but […]

Baltimore on center stage, illustrating transportation inequities

There were no press conferences… no photo ops… nothing on the six o’clock news, but, make no mistake, Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx was in Baltimore to make a point. Foxx’s target audience for this 2016 workshop was not the electorate or even the local stakeholders; rather, the audience was Foxx’s own staff. He was using […]

Tom Ward, bulldog for the highway opposition in the 1960s

“The Concrete Society”—this is a vintage 1965 WMAR-TV documentary about Baltimore’s highway controversies. Tom Ward, the only City Councilman opposed to the expressway at the time, is extensively featured. You could make a good argument that Ward’s Road Wars resume is unequaled, even deeper and more consequential than that of Senator Barbara A. Mikulski. In […]