Bob Eney and Fells Point, a juncture that may have saved a community

“What an astounding thing that one person’s knowledge, interest and energy could have such an impact on all of us who today call Fell’s Point home… One passionate soul really can make a difference!!”    Kathleen Haller, Fells Point resident, commenting on Bob Eney’s passing in 2016 (originally posted at Next Door Historic Fells Point)  […]

Julian “Jack” Lapides and the Robert Long House

A Tribute to Jack Lapides

As the author of this forth-coming book on Baltimore’s Road Wars, I would like to offer a tribute to Julian “Jack” Lapides, who passed away last week. Jacques Kelly’s fine Baltimore Sun obituary was a great remembrance of one of the most highly principled elected officials of our time. Kelly mentions the road fight, but […]